Brow and Eye Treatment

Brow and Eye Treatment

We have a range of different brow and eye treatments for our clients to choose from.


Our brow tech team lead by Amy is the best in the town. The girls will ensure you leave satisfied and in love with your brows:

Brow choices:

  • Tint and wax: using top of the range products your regular tint and wax will lash you up to two weeks giving your brow the fullness you always wanted.
  • Tint and thread: if you don’t like the thoughts of wax, threading is another very popular way to keep your brows tidy and in shape
  • Henna Pro Brow Treatment: a very popular treatment the henna brow will last on the skin for up to two weeks and in the brow hairs for up to 5 weeks, a brilliant choice if you have patchy or very little brows
  • HD brow: Using tint we give you the most flawless, structured brow that best suits your face shape, leaving breath tasking lasting effect.
  • Instabrow: A new treatment with us but now by far a favourite! Using a stencil we find out what shaped brows is perfect for your face shape!

We also offer lash tinting, which gives an amazing lasting effect leaving the natural lash looking healthy, lengthy and gives amazing definition.

Another service that is gone extremely popular is the LA lash lift. Don’t want lash extensions but still want your lashes to look long? Sick of curling your lashes or simply just can’t use a lash curler? Our LA lash lift will solve all your problems there. We tint then perm the lashes lifting them into a beautiful desirable curl that leaves your lashes looking dark, lifted and long for up to 6 weeks, it is the perfect treatment if you don’t like to wear false lashes.




  • Shape & Tint starting at €14.00
  • LA Lash lift €50.00
  • Henna Brow from €25.00
  • HD Brow from €30
  • Lash Tint from €13
  • Instabrow €30

Brow technicians

Your eyebrows looking a little boring? Are they fading? Don’t look as structured and as full as you would like? Come to us and get your dream eyebrows that you deserve!


“Great eyebrows don’t happen by chance,they happen by appointment”


Meet our brow technicians


Amy: The leader and boss lady. In this industry years she lives and breaths brows. Her eyebrows are flawless and you can be sure you won’t be disappointed. Waxing and threading she can do the lot.

Nikita: She can perfect the beautiful structured brow. Given the full glamours look.

Lavinia: Her go to eyebrow would be to give you the full, fluffy but structured brow.


Our brow ladies have unbelievable skills and will cater your needs. Be the the natural looking brow or the instagram brow they can do it all! They have a range of  different and unique techniques that will leave you with a big smile and happy eyebrows and you will always look forward to coming back to our wonderful ladies.

Wanna get a brand new look or refresh your current Eyebrows or Eye styles?


Our Happy Customers’ New Brows!