Love lashes? Us too! That’s why our amazing lash techs are here to cater your style of lash! Be it classic, full and long, short and full etc…


We use a range of different mink lashes to give each of our clients their unique and desirable lash extensions.

Our Lash Ladies Amy, Nikita and Lavinia all have different but amazing styles in lashes be sure to check out who will cater you needs to the best advantage..


Types of Lashes:

Mink Express: Very popular our mink express lasts up to two and a half weeks, if your someone that wouldn’t wear lashes often but still want something there for when your going on holiday’s, a wedding etc these are the best lashes for you. Someone that has never had mink lashes before? Try out our two week mink lashes to see how you would get on with them.

Blossom Express: Like our mink express these lashes last up to two and a half weeks. The difference? These lashes are more full and fluffy, being one of our most popular lashes.

Mink/Russian Lashes: Do you know someone that always has their lashes done? Want to understand the obsession? Our mink lashes give you the feeling of always looking fresh and one up even when you put minimum effort in. These lashes make your eyes stand out and will have people complementing you from all angles.

Blossom Mink Lashes: Our most desirable lashes our Blossom Minks give you the long lasting effect of full, glamours lashes. Lasting up to six week they are the perfect full lash




  • Mink Express: €35
  • Blossom Express: €40
  • Mink/Russian lashes: €60
  • Blossom lashes: €70
  • Refills: €40

Lash technicians


Want to be lashalicious?


Meet our lash technicians, decide for yourself which one best suits your style. Unsure? Give us a call or pop into us


Our team of lash technicians if led by the boss girl herself Amy Leonard. The girls are have their own unique style of lashes to cater each client. Their passion for lashes is obvious and you can be sure to always leave happy with the lashes you walk out the door with.



Amy’s main style of lashes is the beautiful blossom lash. She can create amazing eye grabbing full luxurious lashes to ensure all eyes will be on you. Her lashes can differ from long, full and fluffy to short full and fluffy. Amy does both mink and mink express lashes.

Nikita: Nikita’s main style of lashes are classical and hybrid. She is the main girl that has mixed both classic and blossom lashes together to create beautiful breath taking lashes that aren’t too heavy and full but will still give you the volume and length you desire.

Lavinia: Lavinia’s main style of lash is volume. She excels in both express and full sets, both blossom and mink. She creates beautiful fluffy, volume lashes to make your eyes pop and stand out in a crowd.

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