Skin Treatments

Skin Treatments



Dermaplane is without a doubt our front runner when it comes to skin treatments in our skin clinic @ House of L.A. Before i give you the facts and spiel on the treatment I would like to tell you in my own terms as a skin therapist of what I have achieved for clients in the treatment room with the dermaplane treatment.
Before we take a client on a the journey with there skin we always like to carry out a consultation. In this appointment we get time to assess the skin and speak with the client about there main concerns and what the want to achieve from there skin treatments. 8 times out of 10 I will always suggest to the client to start with a dermaplane.
Starting with a dermaplane allows me to remove all the compacted dead skin cells from the surface of the skin in one treatment, with dermaplane there it is not a coarse of treatments the client has to commit to, to achieve the desired skin goal. The client literally leaves with the results on the day of there treatment and it only improves from there. Dermaplane is a skin treatment, however there is an added bonus that all clients seem to love, amidst the process of the dermaplane treatment in the 1st pass over the skin with the blade the vellus hair “peach fuzz” as it’s better know as is removed. This added bonus is especially loved by MUAs (Makeup-up Artists)  and brides as it leaves a flawless filtered look to the clients face.
At House of L.A when we have completed the treatment to then take the opportunity to perform a chemical peel as this is the perfect opportunity with all the dead skin bladed away for a chemicals peel to penetrate down through the skin to achieve its full potential. This treatment is all hands on deck as there are many layers to a dermaplane facial to achieve the full results.
So let’s talk results! There is no glow like a dermaplane  glow and rightly so, we have removed from your face every dead skin cell possible, we have peeled you with chemical that we have chosen best for your skin type and desire, furthermore we apply a professional mask to your face chosen by your therapist and we then use a skin roller to push the mask down through the skin for maximum results and then it’s ready,steady,Glow!
We inform client where they will see just how beneficial the treatment is, is when they next apply there make up, there is a definite airbrush effect instantly on the skin! Hence why MUAs and photographers are big fans of promoting this treatment. The non makeup wearers benefit just as much as they wear there glow with pride. Dermaplain give you that “there is something different about you” effect! It is an incredible treatment we are extremely proud of @House of L.A. You really get bang for your buck!
So let me take away any fear of the description of this treatment. It is performed by a surgical blade YES, but one that has been specifically designed by surgical blade companies for this treatment and this treatment only. It is better know as a butter surgical blade and when in the hands of a trained therapist is completely safe. Your in good hands!
The treatment is not at all painful except for a little tingling on the skin for 30 section when we apply the peel. In fact the blading section of this treatment is surprisingly relaxing and as clients have mentioned, quite satisfying. There is a great sense of the job is getting done from this treatment! It is a physical exfoliation while it removes a mass amount of skin it very is gentle and is suitable for sensitive skin once assessed by the therapist and also suitable for people that suffer with talangiectasia (spider veins,thread veins) as there is no dragging on the skin.
The treatment cost is €100


  • Dermalogica teenage facial €25
  • Dermalogica 60 minute pro deluxe facial  €65
  • Dermalogica 60 minute facial €55
  • Microzone treatment €20
  • Dermaplain €100
  • Skin tag removal from €40
  • Plasmablast from €100

Skin Therapist

Amy Leonard is our skin care expert at House of L.A. Amy has 15 years experience behind her in the skincare industry, the skin is where her passion lies. Amys extensive knowledge on the skin ensures the client is in good hands. clients are guaranteed education on product and treatment knowledge and most importantly results!

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